Group Time: The More We Get Together

In today’s segment of Survival Guide for the First Year Teacher, we will be giving you some ideas for group time, also known as circle time, or time on the line. These ideas are for things like calendar, weather, hello songs, goodbye songs, and welcome songs, starting with the beloved children’s classic, The More We Get Together. We’ll also be discussing some tips for music in the classroom, such as which note to start singing, and why.

Survival Guide for the First Year Teacher


Welcome to the first installment of our multi-part video guide for first year teachers, our first year survival guide, if you will. Your host, Tiffany Jaime, Head of School at Montessori Children’s House of Bay City, has a bachelors in music education from Michigan State University, as well as a rich background in music. Though this series can also help administrators, this guide is aimed towards teachers struggling to get by in their first year. We will feature circle time videos, to offer different ideas and suggestions for movement and music activities. This series will also feature videos to help with ideas for weather, songs, and calendar, day of the week and months of the year, and refresher videos to help with all different areas of the classroom, including everyday living, practical life, language, math, science, culture, and more. This video series is not meant to serve as a subsitute for in-house training, but is meant to give a fresh perspective on your training and your classroom experience. Leave us comments to let us know what you think!

Learn About Montessori

Learn About Montessori

In this Montessori Blog  you will find lots of useful information about Montessori including the Montessori method, Montessori Curriculum, and integrating Montessori into your child’s activities at home.  Teachers will find lots of resources including what it takes to become a Montessori teacher, where to find material, and recommended resources.