This week we had the privilege of conducting our first quarterly fire drill for the school year and using the fire alarm system in the school.  It is VERY loud.  For the first fire drill of the school year we sit and talk with the children about fire safety, firemen and their responsibility to keep us safe and how they are not scary people even though they wear a LOT of equipment for protection.  We never hide during a fire drill, but when we hear the loud siren it warns us we need to get out of the building as quickly and safely as possible to ensure our health and safety.  It is important for the children to leave their work right where it is, even if they are in the middle of working, we do not change our shoes, (which is why it is important for them to have a rubber sole for their indoor shoes,) they line up immediately and once everyone is in line, we walk silently outside using the playground door, and out the playground fence to the back field to wait patiently for the fire to be put out.  When we practice these fire drills, we talk with the children about how important it is to practice this so we know exactly what to do if there ever really was a fire.  It is a very exciting experience.  Please talk with your children at home about fire safety and work together with your own family on a family safety evacuation plan in the event of an emergency like a fire.  This will help keep these ideas fresh for them in their minds and make more connections.


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