Our son was very shy at the beginning of his academic year at Montessori Children’s House, and it was a pleasure to see him develop his independence and confidence with the encouragement of his Montessori instructors. By the end of the year, he was working closely with friends on tactile projects that not only reinforced his recognition of patterns but also helped him build his social and teamwork skills.

Carol K., Midland

David loves MCH. He started out with only a half day but he wanted to stay all day so we quickly switched to a full day. He even naps at MCH!! He only takes naps for mommy but he naps at MCH so I know he feels comfortable and happy there. When I drop him off in the morning, he goes right in without hesitation. I have to call him back to give me a hug goodbye. It is such a welcoming environment. The extended hours are very convenient and the flexibility makes my day so much less stressful.


We have greatly enjoyed joining the Montessori Children’s House family.  Our boys faced many changes in their recent move from Texas, but Montessori Children’s House eased the transition, providing them with a safe and nurturing atmosphere where they have made new friends, visited many of the local sites on field trips, and even learned about different cultures and languages.   Our three year old even started counting in Spanish last night while telling us a story!  Our appreciation goes out to the Montessori staff!

The Thompson Family

MCH offers superior education to our area!  Our family made a wise choice by beginning education at this school. Not only did they teach our daughter how to read at age 4, but she was constantly stimulated by the diverse curriculum. Everything is organized and structured, but not too restricting to the students. The children learn values that they will carry throughout life.  We had such a positive experience that we enrolled our son as well!  We love Montessori Children’s House and recommend it to everyone we know.
Alana Garcia-Ramos